The Positive Behavior Incentive Support team held a field day to reward over 400 students who continually make good choices.  Students were treated to an afternoon of food, fun, and friendship!  Hot dogs, home made cookies, freeze pops, popcorn, and water bottles were on the food menu.  The Army showed up with an obstacle course.  The school as well as individual staff members supplied corn hole games, BINGO (complete with prizes), Tug-o-war, footballs, volley ball, Frisbee, card games, board games, and other fun events.

Thank you to Mrs. Shimko, Mrs. Seimetz, and Mr. Whitmore who were the lead organizers for this event.  Thank you to Mrs. Scarmack and her team for the homemade cookies. Thank you to all of the Staff who served food, provided games, stopped in to congratulate students, and simply added to the festive atmosphere. Thank you to Mr. Shimko and his facilities crew for getting the stadium ready for the fun. Thank you to our awesome students who made this event necessary!

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