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Jennifer Myers

Jennifer Myers

The Warren City School District is rich in diversity and culture. Our school community embraces all of its children and is committed to providing exciting educational experiences for all children.

Warren City Schools provides a continuum of services and supports designed for children with disabilities. All children, however, have learning differences and a variety of needs. Every staff member in Warren City has the responsibility for educating all its children and preparing its children for a place in their community.

Research confirms that the most effective schools are those that design a system of integrated service delivery models that provide targeted interventions, opportunity for enrichment, and positive behavioral supports for all children, with staff members that believe that all children can learn and make progress. Through teamwork, collaborative problem-solving, a focus on student learning and a belief that all children have a right to quality education, we will ensure educational opportunity for all. We strive to recognize and protect the dignity and worth of all children in our school community.

For more information on the programs and services that we offer, visit our Programs and Services page.

Jennifer Myers



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Sara Hosni
Secretary A to Executive Directors of Special Education and State & Federal Programs

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Tamatha Ginn
Secretary B to Executive Directors of Special Education and State & Federal Programs
Sandy Andrews
Secretary of Special Education for Speech and Language Pathologists, and Psychologists

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Marylou Amorganos
EMIS Secretary
Lora Dennis
Braille Typist

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