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Willard Library Receives Grant

Congratulations to Willard Pre K-8 School, Warren City School District, on being selected to receive a 2014 grant award from the Laura Bush Foundation for America’s Libraries.  219 school libraries are being awarded $1,095,000 in grants for 2014. Willard Pre K-8 School will be issued a $5,000 grant to expand, update, and diversify their library book and magazine collections.  Only two schools in Ohio will receive this grant; Willard Pre K-8 school was one of them!


Way to go, Marisa Facchini, Media Specialist at Willard Pre K-8 library, for writing an award winning grant!

5 Responses

  1. Roseann McCracken

    Great job, Facchini!! The library is a place the kids look forward to every week. :)

  2. Linda Maiorana

    Congratulations Marisa! I know how much you love the kids and want to encourage them to read. Great job Marisa.

  3. Carmella Stawiski

    Congratulations Mrs.Facchini on a great job! My class always looks forward to our Library day with you and they Love reading the library books there! Can’t wait to see the New ones that you will be getting for next school year!!