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Football team to wear throwback Raider and Panther Jerseys

In what is believed to be the first time in High School sports history, the Warren G. Harding Football team will wear throwback jerseys to honor the Reserve Raiders, and the Harding Panthers. Throwback games are very common in college and professional sports, but according to Wilson (The company that made the jerseys) this could be the first time a High School football team will wear throwback uniforms for a game.

  • Warren Western Reserve Raider Bonfire – Thursday October 11, 2012 – 6:00 pm at Mollenkopf Stadium
  • Warren Western Reserve Raider Throwback Game – October 12, 2012 vs. Cleveland Heights, 7:00 pm at Mollenkopf Stadium
  • Warren G. Harding Panther Bonfire – Thursday, October 18, 2012 – 6:00 pm at Mollenkopf Stadium
  • Warren G. Harding Panther Throwback Game – October 19, 2012 vs. Bedford, 7;00 pm at Mollenkopf Stadium

 Other planned events around Throwback Games

  1. Special stadium decorating honoring each school’s tradition
  2. Special band performances honoring each school’s tradition
  3. Team fight songs and Alma Maters honoring each school’s tradition
  4. Special choir performances honoring each school’s tradition
  5. Band uniform accents honoring each school’s tradition
  6. Cheerleader uniform accents honoring each school’s tradition
  7. Team mascots honoring each school’s traditions
  8. Public address announcer honoring each school’s tradition
  9. Discounted corporate ticket packages available for these games – Warren G. Harding Athletic Ticket Office at 330-841-2316 x 2360
  10. Throwback jerseys available for purchase to the public – Order Form to purchase.

 Individual game tickets available at the Warren G. Harding Ticket Office.
Weekly office hours are Monday through Friday 1:30 pm to 4:30 pm.
Call to reserve your tickets @ 330-841-2316 x 2360.

10 Responses

  1. Kara

    I was interested in the throwback jerseys and tried contacting W3 Marketing using the phone number listed. I got an attorney’s office, so I’m thinking this number is a misprint?

    1. Aaron Schwab

      To order the throwback jerseys, you can either leave a message at the number listed, or you can call the WGH Athletics office at 330-841-2316.

  2. Gary

    Great idea, but not the first time HS teams have gone with throwbacks. When Phillipsburg HS (NJ)played Easton Area HS (PA) for their centenary game in 2006, they both wore throwbacks.

    Still a great idea though, more schools should do it.

  3. Robin Novelli

    All hail, all hail to the red and white
    Our school beloved for standards high
    Sing we praises to the sky
    Pledging all in loyalty
    Warren Harding strong and free
    Now guide us with your shining light
    and your colors
    Red and white


    c/o 1980

  4. juju

    I think they should do one every year just for the Panthers!!!!….i know so many people who are comming and are soooo excited the wear their red and white and cheer the panthers on once again at Mollenkopf!!!!