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McGuffey K-8 Power of the Pen Team

The McGuffey K-8 School Power of the Pen team competed in its first competition at Howland High School on Saturday, January 29 against nine other local schools.  Reanna Walls placed in the top 15 contestants out of more than 50 seventh graders.  Five members of the team — Madison Whitacre, Reanna Walls, Madison Roley, Hannah Waldman, and Sabrina Tweedy — qualified to attend the regional competition, which was held at Malone College on Saturday, March 5.  Madison Whitacre placed in the top 14 out of more than 60 seventh grade contestants and is now qualified to compete at the state competition!  The state competition will take place on Friday, May 27, in Wooster.  The team coach is Jennifer Holbrook, Grades 4-8 Literacy Coach.

In picture:
Front Row:  Reanna Walls, Madison Roley, Alexis May
Middle Row:  Sabrina Tweedy, Kali Ronyak, Anaya Langford, Hannah Waldman,    Madison Whitacre
Back Row:  Ariana Rivera, Adrian Rowe-McMillion, Sophia Warren
Missing from picture:  Kaylee Cox

11 Responses

  1. Emma Simpson

    I am so proud of our students! Congratulations Mrs. Holbrook and the Power of the Pen Team! Keep up the awesome work! It’s nice to see OUR students recognized for their academic successes!!!!!

  2. Mrs. Tsagaris

    Congratulations Sabrina, Robin, Anaya, Adrian, Kali, and Sophia!

    I am so happy to see that you all are continuing your writing. I had confidence that

    you could become authors, especially Sabrina. Keep up the good work! By the way,

    I am teaching at Jefferson this year.

  3. Jesse Martin

    It’s god to see that the team actually gets to compete this year, unlike last year and the year before where we trained so hard and got to go to Zero competitions.

    Good luck
    hope you win!!!

  4. Emma Mitchell

    Good job all of you guys. I miss you all sooo much ! You guys all did amazing. Congradulations Madison :)

  5. Jutta Westover

    Congratulations to all of the Power of the Pen Team Members. Awesome job! I am so proud of you. I miss you guys; I haven’t seen most of you since I moved from Emerson to Lincoln. Madison, best of luck to you in Wooster and have fun!!!
    Mrs. Westover

  6. Miss Hlebovy

    CONGRATULATIONS to Mrs. Holbrook and the Power of the Pen team! I am so proud to hear how well team McGuffey competed! Good Luck Madison!