Angela Lewis

The Treasurer is the chief fiscal officer of the District and is responsible for the financial affairs of the District, subject
to the direction of the District Board of Education.  The Treasurer’s office is responsible for the entire payroll processing and reporting of the District along with all other non-payroll disbursements

October 2015 Five Year Forecast
Notes to October 2014 Forecast
October 2014 Initial FY Forecast Power Point

Tony Tringhese
Fiscal Accountant

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Judy Wallace
Administrative Secretary

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Penny Dixon
Report Clerk

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Marge Walker
Disbursement Clerk

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The Ohio Auditor of State’s office maintains a system for the reporting of fraud, including misuse of public money by any official or office. The system allows all Ohio citizens, including public employees, the opportunity to make anonymous complaints through a toll free number, the Auditor of State’s website, or through the United States mail.

Auditor of State’s fraud contact information:
Telephone: 1-866-FRAUD OH (1-866-372-8364)
US Mail: Ohio Auditor of State’s office
Special Investigations Unit
88 East Broad Street
P.O. Box 1140
Columbus, OH 43215



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Treasurer Forms

   Budget Modification   -   (40KB)
   Budget Revision Form  -   (15.21KB)
   District Mileage Chart  -   (16.47KB)
   Expenditure Adjustment  -   (31KB)
   Grant appropriation resolution  -   (56.5KB)
   Monthly Mileage Record  -   (94.48KB)
   New Code Form  -   (6.32KB)
   Salary and Benefit Code Change  -   (17KB)
   Travel Expense Account Form  -   (82.26KB)
   Vendor Worksheet  -   (116.42KB)