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Bill Kush, Supervisor of Plant Maintenance & Operations

The Maintenance Department of the Warren City School District is responsible for providing a clean and healthy environment in all the schools and offices within the District (covering an estimated 1,071,400 square feet of space). Each of our new facilities is under the care of a Plant Manager. Along with a boiler operator’s license, this individual has received specialized training on the new HVAC system, as well as on utility usage and key maintenance issues of the new facility.

The exterior grounds are an important factor in the educational environment. Our Grounds Crew is in charge of keeping the landscaping and lawns trimmed and looking their best. The Master Carpenters, Preventative Maintenance Technician, Painter, Electrician and Master Mechanics provide an excellent program to keep our buildings in compliance with the many building code requirements of the state and local authorities. Most importantly, the Maintenance Department strives to accomplish their goals with the least financial impact, while they pursue projects that provide savings to the District. This ensures the maximum amount of funding is available for the education of our students.

The security of all school buildings, offices and equipment is an important part of the Maintenance Department. Employees work closely with the third party security services company in securing the ten (10) buildings and their associated structures that District now operates.

The Maintenance Department also is involved with preparation of all District athletic areas and fields prior to and following events. This includes all rentals of District facilities and special events. Our Maintenance staff takes great pride in their work and they are a valuable asset to the Warren City Schools.

William Kush
Supervisor of Plant Maintenance & Operations

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Cheryl McConnell
Software Coordinator
Rosann Carnahan

Building Plant Managers I

Chris Tabor
Jefferson PK-8

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Heather Powers
McGuffey PK-8
Shawn Shimko
Harding High School

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Patti Greathouse
Lincoln PK-8

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Ed Myers
Willard PK-8

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School Building Plant Managers II

Madelyn Tomlin
Jefferson PK-8

Chris Newsome
McGuffey PK-8

Tod Smith
Harding High School

Stacey Raines
Lincoln PK-8

Kathy Liebal
Willard PK-8

Day Fireman

Peggy Baker
Administration Building


Roger Hoffman
Monroe Center


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